Saturday, 4 June 2011

Vintage Postcards from Japan

After a trip to Japan 18 months ago, I received a lovely gift of vintage Japanese postcards.
They originated from an international postcard club, whose members sent and received postcards to/from other members in far off exotic countries.
It must have been very exciting to receive these exotic missils from dreamed of lands.

The postcard I have posted here today (pun intended!), is an image of the "Great Portal of Itsukushi Shrine Aki".
The card was originally posted from an M. Agata, Japan to Walter H. Morris Esq., Crows Nest Sydney in 1919.
The accompanying photograph was taken on our trip to Japan, 90 years later, before I received the postcard, whilst visiting the magical Vermillion Gate, which, along with the Shrine (Itsukushi-jinja), still stands at Miyajima (Itsukushima) Island today.  Rightly considered to be one of Japan's most beautiful views, we were extremely lucky to arrive at high tide and witness the full effects of the floating Torii gate and shrine.


  1. Hello Rob
    Now I'm having trouble commenting as I keep falling offline. I've tried twice earlier so if you get a whole lot of similar comments all from this idiot you'll know why. The postacards are magic, will send you a link about the way 2 artists are using them to make artist books.

  2. Persistence pays off once again.Jack

  3. I think this is my favourite of your blogs so far. Makes me want to look up all my old postcards and go out and photograph the same place today. Ma