Tuesday, 28 June 2011

eye see

So this is how my little red book has turned out so far. 
Carved, painted upon with gouache and then nailed. 
Might even mount it upon one or two slightly larger cloth covered old books to give it a bit of substance to stand alone, either that or I could frame it to hang on the wall.  Still thinking........ so not completely finished yet.


  1. Eye see eye to eye. Looks great Rob. My first attempt at an altered book was very ordinary. Jack

  2. Oh, you are brave- it's so difficult to cut up books, but this is fantastic! Have you by any chance heard of Su Blackwell?

  3. Hey michellaneous, sorry I somehow missed your comment here. Thanks for the supportive praise.
    Yes I have come across some of Su Blackwell's stuff whilst trawling the internet, she does amazing stuff doesn't she, such accurate and miniscule cutting, I'm completely in awe!