Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Creatures in My Backyard

Some of the creaturesI mentioned in my last blog who we are lucky to have living around us at present.  The rainbow lorikeets are noisy, nosey and quite cocky for such a little bird, they often travel in large groups and create quite a ruckus when they all get together.  The wallabies in contrast are quiet, gentle creatures (although they do fight quite alot amongst themselves), they have a quiet little bleet when tyring to attract your attention and the tawny frogmouths are the quietest of all, being masters of disguise, they pretend they are part of the tree they are sitting in during the day.  They quite often sit in pairs, staying in exactly the same position for hours with one going lookout whilst the other gets some sleep.  They sometimes call to each other with a low, quiet "oooom" sound.

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