Monday, 4 May 2015

Sample Box - Concertina Fold Book Exemplars

Sampler box of 1 medium format and 16 miniature concertina books. 
Made as exemplars for beginners workshops.
(Housing measures 21w x 30h cm).

Constructed from 200gsm kraft paper, 180gsm Canson Aquarello, 
vellum, vintage book pages & found images.

Examples include:
 niches - tabs - pockets - sewn in signatures - stitched pages -
envelopes - magic wallet - woven - pop-ups -
fold-outs - windows - doubled - frames -
convoluted folds - slides - cut outs 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Vale - Betty Churcher

Vale - Betty Churcher (1931-2015)

Brisbane born Australian artist, wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, author, arts media presenter, former Director of the Art Gallery of Western Australia, former Director of the National Gallery of Australia, national icon, inspiration and treasure.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

New Work - Two Sides to Every Story

Convoluted Concertina Fold, set of two, handmade  artists’ books (unique). 

Craft paper, rice paper, waterbased printing ink, acid free adhesive
(14.5cm h x 7.5cm w x 2cm d  - closed or 54cm d – fully open x 2 books)

Once again playing around with interwoven concertina folds, craft paper and printed feathers.  Good fun!