Tuesday, 29 May 2012

MONA Metal

Detail: "Cement Truck" - Wim Delvoye

 Had the opportunity of visiting Hobart
over the weekend with our main aim being a visit to MONA
(The Museum of Old and New Art) 
located on the banks of the Derwent River in the suburb of Berriedale.
Had a fabulous time.
We caught the MONA Roma Fast Ferry from Hobart up the
Derwent River ($20 return ticket), then skipped up the 99 stairs
to the Museum entry ($20 each unless you're Taswegian, then it's FREE!)
You are given an Iphone with a tracking device and headphones
and you just plug in your location as you wander through the
galleries and it will bring up artworks within your vicinity
along with summaries of the artworks, info and opinions 
and recordings of conversations about the artworks.
The best thing is that once you have finished your tour
you can access it again and again via their website.
Totally Cool.
As well as the Museum, there is also a micro-brewery,
a winery, accommodation, an outdoor stage
and a cemetery (apparently).
Even if you didn't appreciate the artwork you couldn't help but
be impressed by the architecture of the place
and the fact that this is the vision of one man (David Walsh).

Our joke was that they would have to 
house a collection of Less Impressive Soporific Art (LISA)
next door for those who like their art to be 
non-confrontational and less than thought provoking.

Monday, 21 May 2012

small works group exhibition

Have been working on some small
gouache & pen works for an upcoming
group exhibition with a limited size and 
designated theme.
Haven't painted for quite a while.
Always challenging when restrictions
are emplaced, but nonetheless interesting to work
to somebody elses strictures.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Famous Artists Dissected

How cool are these ads for MASP Art School (Sao Paulo)
created by DDB Ad Agency Brazil.
Three of the most recognisable artists of our time,
dissected to show what made them tick.
My personal favourite would have to be the Dali image.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Front Yard - Progress

Today, we have grass.
Instant green.
Some rocks have been laid on the path,
but it is a while away off being complete
and serviceable.
The wallabies, however, are finding it soft underfoot!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Changes in my front garden

 This was how my front garden looked this morning.
When we moved in almost 8 years ago there was a small
hedge of murraya creating a circular garden.
The hedge has grown exponentially and
since murraya is a noxious weed in our part of the world,
we decided it needed to leave.
This is how my front garden looked this afternoon.
Soon to have a path and lots of grass for the
wallabies to graze and laze upon.
 I am quite excited that I now have the beginnings of
a path to my letterbox.
I am also quite excited that you can see a little bit
of my lovely house now, which feels a lot more welcoming,
as we have always felt a bit hidden away behind all the shrubs.