Friday, 3 June 2011

Felt Creatures

I went through a phase of creating felt creatures using new and recycled materials.
A bit of a winter project and as the weather is turning cool once again, I suppose my thoughts have returned to these creatures.
I am nothing, if not eclectic!
I have a rather tatty box of old buttons from my maternal Grandmother (who saved every button from every item of clothing ever possessed - mind you, they possessed much fewer items through their lifetimes back then and much less was taken for granted!).
I have used some of the less precious buttons on these creatures.
I then painted their portraits in pen & gouache, as I like to make observational drawings. 
On the whole a very satisfying and tactile project.
I have also inserted them into my photocopy storyboards, paintings and  pencil drawings.
Don't know if I'm finished with this endeavour yet or not. 
Who knows maybe I will create more and give them character profiles as well.

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