Saturday, 11 June 2011

Agatha Christie: illustrated covers by Tom Adams

I don't recall a time in my life without Agatha Christie books.  They seem to always have been there in one form or another.

I remember, in my teens, coming across the "Agatha Christie - Cover Story" book compiled by Julian Symons and Tom Adams about Adams' illustrations of a very long list of Christie titles.  I thought I had reached Nirvana.

I have kept this reference book of his Christie artworks and am still accumulating quite a pile of well loved paperbacks featuring her stories and his artwork, some of which I share with you now.

I hold both author and illustrator in high regard and envy their skills for storyweaving and illustration. I find it amazing that, sadly,  illustrators often go uncredited for their artwork on book covers, so reference to them is lost through the years. 

There are links to both writer and illustrator in my "interesting links" column.

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