Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year 2014

The Daruma above served me well in 2013,
and their eyes have been filled in as I have 
completed my 2013 goals -

But it is now time to put my new Daruma into service.
A spiffy modern version of a very old Japanese tradition
- gifted to me at Christmas time.

This little fellow (designed by Paul Loebach for Areaware) came with these simple details:
The Daruma is a traditional Japanese talisman for focusing on personal goals.  Modelled after Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism, it is a popular gift of encouragement.  When one is received, set a goal or make a wish and fill in one eye to illustrate your intention.  The other eye watches over you as a constant reminder and guide.  Once your goal is reached fill in the other eye and display the Daruma as a symbol of your success.


Thursday, 5 December 2013

Miss Larue - my new etching press

Keith and Nancye from Merlarue Etching Presses installing Miss Larue

I am very excited to say my new etching press was delivered yesterday and she's a beauty.
She was designed, made and delivered by the versatile and talented
team of Keith Wiltshire and Nancye Canobie from

If you are looking for a press I can thoroughly recommend
getting in touch with these guys.
Absolute pleasure to deal with.
It took less than 3 weeks for them to build and personally deliver
the press (driving from Castlemaine in Victoria to Queensland no less!)
Some other companies I'd approached had only just gotten
 around to responding to my initial email!  
Their pricing is very reasonable too.

Keith and Nancye are both established printmakers and have an 
extensive knowledge and keen interest in the art of printmaking.

I am so looking forward to playing around with Miss Larue (or Merle to her friends).
If anyone wants to come play - just drop me a line :)

Thanks Keith & Nancye.
Love your work :)