Monday, 6 June 2011

Something of Value - Work in Progress

The title of this book is "Something of Value" (Robert Ruark 1955)
- which I find fairly ironic since the tome was being disposed of when I discovered it, however, I found it of high enough value to rescue it for myself!

Relative values, I suppose.

I am working with notions and images trying to communicate different ideas of value.
For instance, personal secrets are highly protected, often ensuring safety of self.

The black and white image of the terrified woman would infer that something of value is about to be taken from her, perhaps her life, her freedom, her children.  Which would she prize the most?

Sibling relationships are also "something of value", sometimes fraught with drama, othertimes precious commodities, but always building blocks of individual character.

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  1. I read 'Something of Value' a million years ago and thought it was great at the time. I imagine it would be a bit dated now. Am about to do a bit of posting. Am trying to perfect putting a frame around the photos of my works....very difficult and fiddly.