Monday, 5 March 2012

Memories of Sunny Days Past & Paying it Forward

Taken on a recent sunny day 
during a stroll 
along our local beach.

Only one response to my "Pay it Forward" post from
the lovely Jac from Jac's Blog.
Jac is an Art & Design teacher
from Lancashire in England
who is currently focusing on printmaking
and book art.
Follow this link to jac's blog.
to read about some of her creative
thoughts & processes.
Jac is also a member of the Book Art Object
project for 2012. 
Thanks Jac for responding,
I will be forwarding a little something via
snail mail when I have completed it.
(I am a bit of a snail myself!!!)

As my blog doesn't tend to
generate a lot of comments,
and in the spirit of keeping up my end of 
paying it forward,
I would like to forward little handmade gifts 
to two more people as well,  
(no commitment required
on their behalf to pay it forward
- same goes for you too Jac!).
If you would like to receive a
tiny token in the mail,
please leave a comment,
otherwise I will pick two people
who have been kind enough to comment 
on my blog previously and send 
them surprises in the mail.

The Pay it Forward idea came via
who was a link in the chain from
a post on
Erin Keane's blog.

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