Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Freshen Up & Pay it Forward

Was starting to think the blog was looking
a little gloomy, so freshened up the colours for
your viewing pleasure (>u<).


Was over visiting
Jo Murray's Art Blog 

and decided to take her up on her offer
  of being one of three to receive a small hand made gift
in her quest to Pay It Forward.

There are a couple of requirements attached
in order for me to also Pay it Forward
I would like your help.

To keep the good will going,.
Please leave a comment here or
drop me a line at 
with your details
and I will send the
first three people a 
small handmade gift.
I will post links to
those first three bloggers
and then they
will put a post up about 
Pay It Forward 
(with a link back to my blog)
then they too
will send on three small 
handmade gifts via snail mail.
If you are interested in participating
but are not one of the first three to comment,
come back after I have put links to my three
recipients and go to their blogs to be one
of their recipients. 

I comment on Jo's blog, 
so Jo will send me a gift.
I post about the project on my blog 
wait for three comments.
When I get them 
I put links to their blogs on my blog
and send them 3 gifts via snail mail.
Those people will put a post about it on their blogs 
and send 3 gifts etc,
ad infinitum.

Please bear in mind, these are small handmade items
being posted in the mail, so nothing extravagant, just
a nice little shared token of creativity.

Look forward to seeing who responds.


  1. I like this idea of sharing small pieces of artwork - making links and connections with like minded people from miles away

  2. thanks jac. I shall forward a little something to you if you want to pop me an email (at fostered@tpg.com.au)with your details. I am happy to send you a little piece with or without you deciding to pay it forward.