Saturday, 24 March 2012

Paid Forward to Lancashire

Herewith the little book I sent to  Jac
over in Lancashire UK
for my Pay It Forward contribution.

I was glad to hear it cheered her up after
a somewhat busy week.

Receiving little surprises in the mail
does have a marvelous tendency to 
bring a small moment of happiness, doesn't it?
(as does sending a parcel to the other side of the world,
who knows if it will be well received and 
where it goes on it's journey in between?).

Like a present, 
the expectation of something tactile on it's way,
then the moment of arrival, before it's opened,
that anticipation of something being revealed,
not only the tactile object within the envelope but
also the giver's hopes and intent to gift a moment's pleasure.
Funny how that goodwill sticks to an object,
long after the act of giving has passed.

I have a few little gifts like this one
received in the post.
They still have the goodwill of the
sender/maker embedded within them.  
They still warm my heart long after their arrival
and remind me of the generosity of others.


  1. ahhhhh I think you're going to lurve sending/receiving all the the bookartobject goodies (what a sweet little book!)

    1. Thanks Ronnie, I think this little one has whetted my apetite somewhat for BAO!

  2. What a beautiful little book Rob.Love your thoughts on receiving surprises too. Coincidentally, you may also have received a little surprise in the mail. Also nice to see tiny links to our Wednesday printing escapades present in the book.

  3. Thanks Jack.Yes, you're right, there are definitely little Wednesday contributions in the book. No little surprises yet, but will keep my eye out.

  4. I just love the Pay It Forward concept. Your contribution is delightful and the recipient must be over the moon to receive it.

    1. Thanks Jo, it is a nice concept to Pay it Forward and I am glad I answered your call, it has been a lovely experience of giving, receiving and connecting.

  5. What a lovely little book and from the other side of the world!!

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