Sunday, 11 March 2012

Betty Churcher's "Notebooks"

Have begun reading
 Betty Churcher's
in my quiet moments.
Have enjoyed reading the introduction so far,
in which Betty describes herself growing up around
familiar stamping grounds in Brisbane,
however, her travels and experiences thereafter 
are only dreams for this mere mortal
to view vicariously.


  1. I came 'this' close to meeting and having morning tea with betty last year - when I was artist-in-res for byron bay writers festival, and she came down to judge the accompanying sculpture show..... but I got called away at the wrong moment and 'whoosh' she was gone....

    1. definitely, sigh! I think she'd be a very interesting lady to meet. by the by - I was looking through my copy of "500 Handmade Books" today and spotted your works included, figured there wouldn't be two Rhonda Ayliffes in Cobargo making books. Was very impressed with your contributions.

  2. She's had such a stellar career, I must get hold of her book.