Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sketchbook Project in Progress

Have been working away on my sketchbook project
which I first posted on here in December
The title "How to Spell and Other Things to Learn"
has led me along a rather tongue in cheek path
with a mix of old book pages and obscure words.
I have used fragments of  illustrations from  old
book page pieces as departure points for
inserts of text and collage.
I have imbued the pages with a less crisp appearance
by running them through a press with inked 
and rubbed  mylar sheets as we did at  
a couple of weeks ago.
I have used old letter stencils for the text
which I have then filled in with gouache
and red pigment 
(which I found in an art shop in Kyoto - 
really wish I'd bought many more colours).

I plan on doing an index at the back of the book
to explain  the chosen words to make it more 
like a  children's lesson book from times past.
Like the solutions at the back of a puzzle book.


  1. I like that book title.... 'and other things to learn' has me wondering.....

  2. Hi Ronnie,

    yes, I am trying to get that "and other things to learn" bit of the title more into play, for instance with the stamps of Churchill & the Queen on the "Antidisestablishmentarians" page to indicate Church & State, but I think I have a way to go yet to get my ideas to work.