Sunday, 19 February 2012

Daruma Dolls

The top two photos above are of Daruma dolls, which we bought from
a little shop on the steeply winding dori (streets) leading up
from the Gion neighbourhood to the Kiyomizu-dera Temple overlooking Kyoto.

The idea of the Daruma doll is that when you have a goal/
desire/wish you draw a black pupil in one eye and then once
your goal/desire/wish has come to fruition you fill in the other eye.

We were told the Daruma doll is symbolic of Bodhidharma
who supposedly sat still for so long that he lost the use of his
arms and legs.  The hair on his face also represents longevity
(the eyebrows representing cranes and the moustaches 
representing turtles), thus reminding one that patience and diligence is
required in order to attain goals.

The dolls are made of papier mache and are weighted in the bottom
so that they will always right themselves if knocked over ( - more symbolism).

The bottom photo is of two cute little figures representing 
a ninja and a geisha/maiko, bought for us by our lovely young
friend Haruka whilst we were visiting Toeii Kyoto Studio Park.
They are only 5cm tall and made of wood and paper.

Feeling a bit despondent this morning
as Jetstar have two for one offers on flights to Japan from the Gold Coast 
at the moment, but I know I won't be on any of those flights!
Maybe I should fill in one of those Daruma's eyes!!!


  1. Hi Rob
    Have only just seen your comment re apples. Thank you for your kind words. I'm pleased they look good.......and happy birthday! Are you Pisces or Aquarian? My b'day is 28 Jan. but have stopped thinking about it......getting older and older! Cheers, E

    1. two days after you, Ellen - 30th - Aquarian through & through. Knew yours was sometime around mine, but couldn't remember the exact date - happy bday to you also. I too am happy for quiet & solitude in recognition of another year passing rather than spotlights being shone on my last vestiges of youth.