Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Works in Progress

I am currently working on a couple of papercut bookart projects .

The first is going to live in South Africa when it is complete as part
of Cheryl Penn's collaborative book art project and exhibition 
"An Encyclopaedia of Everything" which will be on
display at KZNSA Gallery in Durban next April.

The second item I am constructing to somewhat replace my Continuum book.

I have an embryonic idea for a local collaborative book arts exhibition
for anyone who may be interested (near or far).
Will keep you "posted" on more as it pans out :)

PS:  as I'm working away at my dining table I can hear the melodic
sound of nail guns and hammers building the framework for
my studio - YAY :) So Excited!
(Next thing I'll be painting will be walls - not artworks)


  1. This looks stunning Rob. I find work that uses shadows so appealing. And a book arts exhibition? You aren't letting your current temporary lack of a studio hold you back, are you ? That's a wonderful idea!

  2. Thanks A, I'm bit of a sucker for a good shadow play as well.
    I'm very excited about the prospect of organising a collaborative book arts exhibition, so am very glad you like the idea. Will let you know as soon as I get the green light for an exhibition space. Hoping mid-late 2014 to give people time to work on submissions.

  3. You are keeping very busy with these intricate papercuts, Robyn. Would be great if you can organise a book arts exhibition - they are a bit of a rarity locally.

    1. Hi Helen, I'm so happy you think an exhibition would be a good idea. I'm quite excited about it. Info coming soon. Looking at a timeframe of sometime mid-late 2014 so people have some time to work on submissions.

  4. hi
    Are you thinking of going international with submissions for your exhibition. If you are I'd be interested

  5. Hi Jac, I'm very glad you're keen for this. Most definitely would welcome international submissions. Will post very soon with details.