Friday, 26 July 2013

Renovations - Progress

Studio space - then...
Studio space - now

Downstairs Back of House - then
Downstairs Back of House - now
Rear of House - then
Rear of House - now

New Studio Space

Well, I am glad to say that things have been moving along
with the downstairs part of our renovations.
My studio is now clad, along with a new storage room,
old laundry and garage area.  
It makes such a difference, and it's not even finished yet.
Now deciding on light fixtures/placement, studio flooring options and exterior paint colours 
(The building crew favour the same colour as the top half of the house but
I am seriously considering the grey of the hand rails.  My thinking is that this will connect it
to the top half but give it weight and differentiate the new build from the old .

Any opinions?

PS:  On a totally different note -
I hope all the artist book makers who read this little blog of mine
will visit the Personal Histories blog from time to time and
hopefully consider being part of the exhibition.
If any one has any suggestions on how I can promote
participation in the event I'd be most grateful of suggestions.


  1. Nice to see your renovations almost completed Robyn. Bet you can't wait to be installed and working in such a lovely new studio.

  2. Oh, yes - I am soooo ready for it!