Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Personal Histories Artist Book Exhibition

Family Holiday, Amity Point circa January 1972

I am currently in the throes of trying to set up a collaborative
artists book and works on paper exhibition
at Redland Museum Cleveland (Qld Australia).

I am really hoping that some of you will be keen
to share some personal histories and participate in this exhibition with me.

I've started a new blog entitled
dedicated to the project
where I will aim to share information
and images of participating artists works
and hopefully a couple of interviews or guest blog posts.

Please have a look at the new blog and let me know if you are interested.
I'd love to hear from you.
If you have any questions regarding the project please
feel free to ask.

(PS: I'm the shortest child in the photo above.  I am standing in front of my mother
& am surrounded by my siblings, a family friend named Tom
and the backside of our dachshund Heidi - taken by my Father in the front yard of
our holiday home in Gonzalez Street, Amity Point, Stradbroke Island, Qld, Australia)


  1. Love that photo from the 70's. I've been trying on and off to scan in all my old faded colour photos from that era before they disappear completely!

  2. Takes a bit of effort to do all that work and get a quality outcome, but it's great to have your old memories stored in digital format. Much easier to find the photo you're after!

  3. Hi Robyn

    I'm very tempted...will stay in touch, F

  4. Thanks Fiona, hope you are tempted to jump on board :) Plenty of time yet.