Wednesday, 1 August 2012

BookArtObject Parcels - finally winging their way around the world

Not very exciting photos, I know - but - I am excited!

Here are my little BookArtObject parcels.
They have been ready for a few weeks now,
unfortunately life has got in the way
and they have been waiting patiently to fly off to their new homes.
They are all wrapped now and  ready to post to my BAO buddies 
(Ronnie in Australia
Kalmia, Meg & Rebecca in USA
Barbara in Canada
Angela in UK
+ 1 more to UK for Sarah Bodman via Sara Bowen in Coffs Harbour,
+ 1 for my book buddy Jack who is also doing BAO this year).

Post Office line, here I come :)

I will post photos of what is inside the packaging 
for my BookArtObject project
"The Missing Typewriter Key"
as soon as I know everyone above has received their parcels.


  1. Congratualations, Rob. You sound excited. Can't wait to see them.....sounds mysterious!

  2. preparing to enter my 'post office stalker' mode......

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  4. Good timing Rob.It is very exciting having multiple births, I hope the delivery at the other end is as exciting. I can't wait to see what everyone else has made.We'll need to organise a communal hand over soon to avoid unnecessary postage.I have a spare "Transparent" for you too, Rob.

  5. Those mysterious parcels look so intriguing Robyn and can't wait to see what's inside when you reveal it. Have you got a spare one left to swap?

  6. Congratulations Robyn. I can't wait tomsee the full "reveal".

  7. Not even clue in the pics as to what to expect! I'm looking forward to seeing more.