Thursday, 16 August 2012

A Life Well Spent

A Life Well Spent
(The title of the book springs from the text contained within)
 is a little concertina fold book
I made recently using direct printing for the pages and
some of my photo images for the covers.
By stitching the pages into the
concertina folds I have
been able to weave slips of mylar through the threads 
to form a flexible spine, so the book now takes
on a traditional format.

I am extremely taken
with how delicious feathers look when
directly printed.


  1. you're right - those feathers certainly are delicious! (as is the whole little book!)

  2. My comment is exactly the comment ronnie has made above. The feather does look gorgeous as does the book. Love the red stitching on the mylar strips of your binding, Robyn.