Saturday, 25 August 2012

BookArtObject - almost revealed

Whilst I sent off my 
Book Art Object
contributions to my fellow BAO buddies
on the first of the month, I am still waiting for those
of my group in America to receive their copies.
until I know they have opened
their little packages, and revealed the
secrets contained within, I wait patiently to
share exactly what it is that I managed to produce for this project.

I don't think I give too much away by sharing the above image 
which is of the slip boxes I made to house the books.

I am very excited too, as
Barbara Simler
has just posted on the
Book Art Object blog
that she has finished her part of the project too
and has sent her little surprises off in the mail.


  1. Replies
    1. I know Ronnie. Can't wait to recieve Barbara's ghostly book.

  2. What a tantalising glimpse Robyn, of the typewriters and that single letter - can't wait for you to reveal the book.

    1. I was hoping you'd be seeing a copy in person tomorrow at our BAO lunch, but alas, this won't be happening now. One day soon though I hope.

  3. They look fabulous and fascinating from this glimpse - looking forward to the full reveal!

    1. Hi Fiona and thanks for your supportive comments. I notice you've got lots of interesting stuff going on over at paper ponderings. I am so disappointed, I will be in Mapleton on 7/8/9 September, so miss your open studio by just one week :(

  4. Robynnnnnnnn...[whiny voice]...please show us your book!

  5. Nice to see you are keen to see them Lynn, maybe I should put a post up with a spoiler alert for those American BAOers who haven't received their books yet. The parcels were posted from Australia on August 1st and I'm still waiting for them to get to their destinations in America. The ones for Canada & UK arrived weeks ago. Not complaining - just an observational comment.