Sunday, 22 January 2012

Today's the Day

Big Day today.
My exhibition "Ex Libris Olim" opens at 11am.
Am looking forward to having lots of wonderful
people together in the one space but
I can't wait for my speech to be over already
'cause I hate being the centre of attention!

Above are some rather average photo's I took
during installation.  We have put up
more signage and moved some stuff around
a little since taking them and it looks
somewhat more improved.


  1. Congratulations! Hope the whole show goes well and that you enjoy being on show! We are heading away tomorrow otherwise would have tried to get on down to see it. Best.

  2. Thanks Fiona, it all went really well with lots of lovely people to share it all with. Hope you have a nice trip away. Cheers

  3. Hi Rob
    Congratulations, your show was very impressive and the actual works intriguing. It was gratifying to hear people around me ooohing and aaahing! Am sorry that I had to dash off before the speeches.....was running late with everything. Am certain your address was very composed and always is! Cheers, Ellen