Thursday, 26 January 2012

Reprieve from the rains

The heavy rains of the last few days have departed,
we have had a rain free morning.
The flood waters have subsided and run their course out to sea.
The cicadas are humming their merry tune loudly
as the humidity soars
and the creatures all try to dry out.

As you can tell I have had a little break from
book making over the past few days after a rather
intense time getting things complete for the exhibition. 
I have been out exploring the garden with my camera
(from the safety of my lovely verandah during the rain)
and making small progress on my a letter a week project.

As my younger daughter is still governed by
the school year calendar, I find the
 transitional period between holidays and term time
a bit of a readjustment for all of us.

26th January "Australia Day" here in the land of Oz
is our national day of celebration.
There are as many ideas about what the day means
and ways of marking the day
as there are individuals and cultures living here.
 It is a public holiday, so I am having a quiet day at home
and enjoying the nature that surrounds me.

(Rumours are the rain will be back with a vengeance tonight/tomorrow)

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