Monday, 23 January 2012

Thank you

Books are like imprisoned souls 
until someone takes them down from a shelf and frees them 
 (Samuel Butler, novelist)

Thank you to everyone who came
along to the "ex libris olim" opening

It is a wonderful thing to have
support from people whom
you cherish and admire.

Thanks especially to the quiet and humble
Rick Thomason for inviting me to display my
work at Redland Museum and for doing such a good job curating the show.


  1. What a great exhibition! Congratulations Rob, even though your blog photos are very good, there's nothing like seeing them in the "cover". The museum also proved to be an excellent venue, love their show cases. Makes the books even more precious. I will try to get back and have a better look, free from the hoardes of lookers and speeches.

    1. Thanks Jack, lovely to see you both there, glad you found it enjoyable. I am pondering the question: "What to do now?" (Definitely too wet to cut books today!)