Sunday, 2 November 2014


Have been working on some prototype book structures which have been rattling around in my head for quite a while.  So glad to get them out of my brain and into the real world - even happier that my ideas actually worked so flexibly in a structural form.  Now to work on some ideas for content.


  1. Fabulous Robyn - I love the movement and the simple elegance of them; the paper looks delicious too!

  2. Thanks Fiona, the paper is my latest love - good 'ol craft paper - it's so strong and so flexible yet ever so humble and utilitarian. The best part is by buying it in rolls, I can cut it to my required lengths so as not to create seams :)

  3. Beautiful structures in their own right Robyn, will be interesting to see what you do with the 'content'. Have you cut out all those small shapes by hand or did you use a laser cutter? I am looking a desktop laser cutters at the moment ...... don't know anyone who has any experience with them.

    1. All cut by hand Susan. Part of the zen experience :)
      Fold. Fold. Cut. Cut. Fold. Fold. Cut. Cut......................
      Would love to play around with a desktop laser cutter myself, but alas have no experience to share with you.