Thursday, 5 June 2014

Image via National Geographic Kids

Not a lot going on over here.
I seem to be keeping myself busy organising the
Personal Histories exhibitions and maintaining the 
blog and website for that particular project.
It's all going along swimmingly with over 100 artists
from around 23 countries now involved
and 3 definite exhibitions lined up for 2014-2015.
Fun and games!

I have been making a little bit of mail art for 
Theresa Easton's WWI Mail Art project
(as well as working on the project with my students).
I've also been flubbing about with Cheryl Penn's 
Encyclopaedia of Everything project,
along with dabbling in some lino cutting and printing.

Lots of toes in the water, but not much deep sea diving going on.


  1. I like the word flubbing Rob, I've also been floundering and fiddling about without going too deep.

  2. Maybe it's the change in seasons that's got us both out of balance and flubbing about :)