Tuesday, 22 April 2014

World War I - Mail Art Project

These are some little postcard sized artworks I have been working on as part of a mail art project centred on the centenary of World War I, organised by UK artist Theresa Easton entitled
WWI Trench & Folk Art.


For my part I have been investigating ways of showing how the war effected and interrupted the personal lives of ordinary people and how imperialism and geographical distance played a huge part in Australia's involvement in the conflict.


  1. This is a wonderful story to be telling .... I too am involved in a WW1 project though I have not yet started with work. I have in my mind and that is often half the battle. I am fairly staggered by the statistics you quote in this last image.

  2. Hi Susan, Helen Malone was telling me about your little project and sent me some information about it. A rather special project to be involved in, I think.
    The figure I quoted is the number of those serving in WWI. The other WWI figures I found (in a 1st edition Readers Digest Complete Atlas of Australia - published in 1968) are: 59342 killed and 152171 injured! Another statistic I find staggering is that of the Australian horses - of the 136000 walers shipped for service in WWI only 1 was returned to Australia after the war.