Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Curious Little Visitor

We have had a curious little visitor in our garden this morning.
Whilst we sometimes see echidnas snuffling around at night time,
this is the first time we have seen one during the day 
- apart from on the side of the road after they have been hit by a car :(.
The temperatures are much milder today, which could explain
their daytime presence, as echidnas are not fond of extreme temperatures.
Echidna babies are called puggles.  
Should I get my hopes up of spying a puggle any time soon?


  1. Oh, I just love their visits. I always stop what I' doing just to watch in awe and wonder. So special!

    1. You are so right Fiona - it's a real thrill to be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of these amazing creatures in the wild.

  2. What a beautiful specimen! First I've seen in the Redlands, lucky you. I've just caught up with "After All" on Cheryls blog. What an fascinating looking little book. You must tell us more on your blog (Or have I missed it?)

  3. We used to see echidnas at Amity Point when we were growing up but Mt Cotton is the only other place I've spotted them in the Redlands.Thanks Jack, I should post a few photos of "After All' on my own blog, shouldn't I!