Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Waiting for the Breeze

Well, I have spent the first part of my year
lazing at Bondi Beach, visiting Taronga Zoo, wandering
the streets, galleries and underground mazes of Ol' Sydney Town.
Partaking of foods and restaurants available in abundance.
On my return to home soil, I find myself torpid and lethargic
with the muggy weather.  I am without compass.  Waiting for the
breeze to catch my sail and drag me forward over the Hokusai like,
mountainous wave of paraphernalia I should already be traversing.


  1. I'm sure the breeze will blow when you're ready to sail, sometimes we just need to be so we can go back to doing.

  2. Well put Ersi Marina! I shall try and remain calm while I am stranded :).