Thursday, 7 February 2013

Someone's been digging in my garden

Every now and again we get to see some
amazing creatures wandering around our yard.
At the moment we are very lucky to have
the biggest echidna I have ever seen
(I'd say he'd be at least 35cm long - almost 14")
He forages around in our front garden in the evenings.
We know he's arrived when we hear
a bit of shuffling and snuffling.
He moves slowly around
and doesn't seem to mind us 
coming out to have a look
at him from a distance.

It is such a thrill and a joy to see 
a healthy and content native animal
wandering freely around and knowing
we are able to provide a bit of space
and hopefully safe haven for
him to thrive and survive.


  1. Well, you must be doing something right if the wild critters are happy.I've had people ask me how to encourage wildlife... and in the next breath want me to remove snakes, lizards, frogs and bandicoots.

    1. Well Dinah, I figure they were here long before we were so the least we can do is give them a bit of space around us to get on with it (snakes, lizards, frogs, bandicoots - all welcome (and thriving) here :}

  2. How exciting Rob! I doubt there are any echidnas hiding out in suburban Hawthorne, but I am very pleased with the fact that now we have an indoor-only cat and an outside goldfish pond, we have seen some lovely green frogs. I hadn't seen any for years.

    1. Oh, I love green tree frogs - and goldfish ponds. Wonder if their chorus will keep you awake at night? I can think of worse serenades. Hope they don't take up residence in your toilet suite :)

  3. Hi Robyn, that really is impressive to have an echidna in your garden - I would be so excited. I run out and take photos of all the wildlife that I find in my garden, but no echidnas - usually just bearded dragons and blue tongue lizards and the occasional green frog on our back stairs. You must be doing everything right to create a safe habitat for it.

    1. Hi Helen, I'd say its more a case of luck and position with lots of termites and ants and insects in the bush around us, and the fact we're at the end of a cul de sac helps - no passing traffic. We're lucky with our pup too, as he isn't one to chase critters - we have a wallaby (nicknamed Houdini) who is sneaking into the fenced area of our back yard to feast on the greener grass and Pablo actually runs past it to fetch his ball! I must admit I have had long discussions with Pablo about what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to wildlife. Unfortunately, I can't seem to cure him of his dislike for kookaburras and cockatoos - too noisy for him I think - so he shoos them away with a good swift bark!

  4. Wow! What a beautiful creature. I've never seen any around here before only out west. Do you lend him out? It would love my place, we have so many ants running around the house it would think it was in heaven.

    1. I'll ask him what his hourly rate is and if he's prepared to travel :)

  5. Replies
    1. Yes Ellen, we are blessed with the creatures we get to see around here.