Monday, 4 February 2013

Concertina Child - Covered

A little while ago, 
when I was doing a lot of 
altered book covers, I played around a bit with
metal, nails and text in metal. 
Now, I know metal and paper aren't really good
partners for a long term relationship
as far as archival qualities go,
but sometimes
short term friendships can be
extremely interesting.

I had a hankering to put a metal cover
with a bit of text onto my
concertina child and
this is the initial outcome.

Still thinking.........................


  1. looking good I think - I like the strength and hardness, of the metal yet its pliability is visible with the marks pressed into it...

    1. Hi Fiona, I find the smooth, cool metal a lot of fun to work with especially since it is such a contrast to the paper and card - always fun to play with different things, isn't it :}

  2. Oh wow - really love where this idea is heading.

  3. Hi Susan, thanks for your encouraging comment, it's always liberating to play around and experiment without any guidelines or deadlines, don't you think? Who knows where it may lead!