Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Shaping Up

The deck is coming along
with the roof going on in sweltering 45 deg heat through the week.
Just a good paint and a few trims and she should
look like she's always been part of the house.

Now we just need a reliable concreter to move on with the next stage
of building underneath the house.
We thought we had that all sorted, but the world of tradespeople is a fickle place.


  1. "Fickle" is a very polite term for some of the tradesmen I've encountered!
    But it is looking good.

  2. The new deck is looking great Robyn. What a shame here's been a hold up with the new studio.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous- what a glorious place to paint!

  4. Thanks Dinah and Helen for your comments. It looks like we have the concreting problem sorted again (fingers crossed). There really are some great tradesmen out there, they're just a little hard to find sometimes 'cause they're busy making up for the shortfall - ha,ha! And yes Kate, it will be a nice spot for a bit of creativity :)