Saturday, 5 January 2013

First Post for 2013 (after a brief blogging hiatus)

Hello dear blogger friends and a Happy New Year to you for 2013.
I am afraid I have been in a bit of a blogging funk of late 
and have not been posting due to frustration with being unable to alter
some very annoying elements of the look of my blog.
Anyone who has visited recently may have been faced with
being unable to read information on my site due to some
awful default colours which I just could not remove/change, no matter how hard I have tried.
I seem to have got MOST of these horrid colours off my blog for now
and hopefully things are a little easier on the eye.
Apologies for the state of things lately.

The installation of our deck is coming along fairly smoothly.
There was a delay with the roof going on, so alas no roof for Xmas.
The old verandah roof is still being held up by temporary posts,
but this old roof will be coming off soon and things will be moving along now that 
the Xmas/New Year holiday period is, alas, over.
Lots of work to be done yet, but we have managed to make
some cosy corners in which to enjoy a good book through the holiday lull
and the house is already much more livable .


  1. do you have any ideas about why the blog colours went a bit haywire (I'm always interested in learning how to fix stuff that happens in here...)

  2. I can only imagine I am using an unsupported browser. Other than that I can't pinpoint any catalyst for the change. I finally managed the text issue by changing my template choice (which is not extraordinarily different to the one I had before) and which had options that were no longer available to me on the old template set up. I tried changing things by using the "inspect element" option but this proved to be only temporary and singular to my computer. I am sure if I was more computer savvy, I could have fixed the problem in an instant.

  3. I like the calm and peaceful colours you have now Robyn. It is frustrating when Blogger doesn't work. I haven't been able to post for the last few days because the upload photos section isn't working on either of my two computers!

    1. Hi Helen, I was having a similar problem to this last month as well. I notice you've managed to get a photo onto your blog and the BAO one as well, so hopefully it's rectified itself.

  4. The house looks beautiful. I love your outside comfortable quiet spaces. I'm writing this from a very damp and grey England).
    Another blogger that I follow has been having similar problems to both you and Helen. She has found that she can't use blogger reliably, especially uploading images, with internet explorer but its fine if she uses firefox

    1. Thanks Jac, I can appreciate you'd like a bit of sunny outdoors at the moment if all you've got is cold and damp :)
      Your blogger friend's problems are interesting to me as I seem to have problems with Firefox and am better supported by Opera. I work from a Mac so I don't know if this adds to my litany of woes or not.

  5. What a beautiful deck getting right back to the way the old Queenslander used to be. I'm sure you'll spend many hours lapping up the cool breezes and open air feeling. It also makes the house so much bigger.

  6. Thanks Jack, I'm trying to vamp it up so I can have a BAO get together soon. All we used to use the narrow back verandah for was storing doghouses, shoe racks and bbqs - I'm sure it will be much better utilised now. We (I should say Glenn) is getting ready to put the roof up so it will be nice and shady pretty soon (although the quality of light in the house at the moment is pretty amazing and has seemed to buoy everyone's mood a little bit.