Thursday, 8 November 2012

Slotted Accordian Fold Book

Haven't had much time for bookmaking of late.
Very Sad.
found a few spare moments to play
around with some items at hand.
Canson card & surplus printed cards from 
my BAO project combined to create 
this slotted, back to back, accordian fold structure.
The impetus for something bigger when
more time is available.


  1. A lovely little piece - and it doesn't appear to be made from left overs in your spare time! But isn't it good to do something sweet with your hands when you can grab a moment and not be worried about doing an arty masterpiece? I really like this wee one...

  2. It's great that you've found some time to play with some bookmaking Robyn - sounds like you're getting ready for the new studio.

  3. Dear Robyn,
    I want to send you a welcome hug for being part of the Art is a Way blogroll.
    It's an honor to have you on board. Wishing you all the best!
    And I love this accordion book!
    Have a wonderful day,