Friday, 2 November 2012

Home Extensions

The backyard is currently in a state of dishevel
due to the beginning of our first stage of extensions/renovations 
- after 8 years of thinking about it!
The first part of our grand plan is
 extending the deck which runs along the back of the house
and repositioning the stairs. 
Being mindful of tragedies that have occurred due to deck
collapses, it's all extremely well engineered and certified.

The middle photo shows where phase 2 of the plan begins -
my studio under the house.  How excited am I!?!??!?!?! 
Pablo (the dog) meanwhile is becoming very practiced in the art of photo-bombing!


  1. Wow! Your new deck will be huge! How wonderful! But I can understand you are more excited about a new studio. I'm envious, and look forward to seeing more.

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  3. Your house and bushland setting look wonderful Robyn. The new studio underneath will be fabulous.

  4. Exciting stuff! I really look forward to seeing the finished job and Pablo is excited too:)

    Best regards

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  6. Thank you Alina, almost finished all the renovation work now - phew!

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  8. So true Mark, it is a big investment, in both time and money, but well worth being able to share it all and create warm memories with family and friends.