Saturday, 5 October 2013

Mrs Christie - Dissected

A little project I am undertaking is an edition of accordian fold books
 for the Artist Books 3.0 Collaborative Mail Art Group.
The topic for the project is "Someone".

I know it is a well travelled old chestnut, 
but I have chosen to do a book on the 11 day disappearance of Agatha Christie in 1926.
Everybody loves a mystery, especially one that has never been fully explained.
I find it utterly absorbing that it still evokes such wide ranging interest and conjecture.


  1. Years ago....I started writing an essay about her vanishing act, but there was so little to go on I abandoned it!
    I'll be keen to see what you come up with, Robyn.

  2. I read about this many decades ago when I used to read Agatha Christie - what an interesting project.

  3. Thanks D & H, I'm having fun working out how to go about it. Simple timeline was my initial idea - but now I'm thinking I should try something a little more adventurous and perhaps be a little less literal.