Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Daisy Chain - Complete

Project complete 
(apart from making a housing in which to store/transport it).

This is the same structure as 
the Continuum book which I sent to Sheffield recently
(with a different paper cut design) .

I am now looking forward to playing around with
a slightly different construction method 
which I stumbled upon when making this one.  

It uses the same basic template but by
putting things together slightly differently
I can end up with a different looking outcome.

Show you my results fairly soon, I hope.


  1. this is fantastic robyn! love it!

  2. This is beautiful Robyn, and it's great when a new structure emerges from something you're working on. Look forward to your revelation.

  3. Wonderful Robyn,looking forward to seeing further photos but particularly to one day seeing the work in the flesh.

  4. What a beauty Robyn - and I love its package as well! Enjoy the new unfolding...

  5. Thanks lovely people for your comments. Very uplifting to get comments like these, especially knowing how skilled you all are in the art of bookmaking.

  6. How absolutely beautiful and fascinating to look at.