Wednesday, 27 June 2012

L-O-S-T Connections

I have been VERY busy putting together
my submission of 12 handmade books based on 
the theme of "The Missing Typewriter Key" for the 
project that I am participating in.

I never envisaged how much time would
be spent thinking, searching, deliberating, 
working on process, creating, more deliberating, editing 
and exacting this little run of handmade books.

Whilst I don't wish to give too much away
(as I wish the BAO recipients of my book
to gain some small sense of surprise upon receipt),
The above images appear in my final work up.

These century old sepia photographs 
were found in the ceiling of a house my brother moved into over a decade ago,
and I feel they are missing their history and connection as
the immediate family wasn't interested in retrieving them 
when we told them of their discovery.

They seem to hark from the Toowoomba/Ipswich region
of Queensland (Australia) and the only
information I have is from a tribute card
for the sweet little girl with the blonde curly hair
whose name was Elsie May Baills,
beloved daughter of Sam and Martha Baills
(lost to her family at the tender age of 10 yrs 10mths on 23rd April 1914).


  1. It is a shame that the descendants were not interested in the photo, having researched my family tree extensively I very much treasure every family image that comes my way.

    The little girl in the picture seems very knowing and wise.

    I look forward to reading more about your book and the connection to these images.

    1. I agree Vicki, but I would like to think there are probably other descendants out there who would treasure these photos as you and I would. Who knows, maybe they might even read this blog - but for now I will keep their images safe and maybe one day they will find their way home.

  2. Amazing! I thought your book was getting close months ago. These new photos give it a whole new context. Can't wait to see the new version of this evolving little gem. Meanwhile must get back to my own, not quite so evolving little book.

    1. Thanks Jack, I thought I was getting close to finishing months ago too, funny that! Good luck with your own transpiring transparency trip.

  3. I just realised that the second photo could almost be a little RobFos, there is a small resemblance.

  4. It's hard to believe that those gorgeous old photos were not wanted by the family they belong to. Still they will be wonderful in your book and I can't wait to see more of it.

    1. Hi Helen, nice to see you are home again. I am about to wrap up my little books and send them on their way, hopefully we will all be able to meet up again soon when Amanda returns and we can share more of our treasures and stories.