Thursday, 3 May 2012

Changes in my front garden

 This was how my front garden looked this morning.
When we moved in almost 8 years ago there was a small
hedge of murraya creating a circular garden.
The hedge has grown exponentially and
since murraya is a noxious weed in our part of the world,
we decided it needed to leave.
This is how my front garden looked this afternoon.
Soon to have a path and lots of grass for the
wallabies to graze and laze upon.
 I am quite excited that I now have the beginnings of
a path to my letterbox.
I am also quite excited that you can see a little bit
of my lovely house now, which feels a lot more welcoming,
as we have always felt a bit hidden away behind all the shrubs.


  1. Wow your house is beautiful- it's just like the dream house I am wanting to get. I think the garden will look great with the paths etc. Just lovely!

    1. Thanks Kate, I am quite excited about the changes and will keep you updated with photo's as we go along. We are also planning a few changes inside the house to connect it more with the gardens, so will share that with you as well when it all happens - not long now I hope.

  2. It is a lovely house Robyn, and in a very beautiful setting. Look forward to seeing how your garden develops.

    1. Thanks Helen, maybe I could host a BAO lunch when all the work is done. Look forward to seeing you on Sunday at RAG, had the pleasure of installing both yours and Jack's works during the week. I think it will be an exciting exhibition, although I haven't seen the final set up yet with labels etc yet.

  3. Robyn, you are most lucky to have wallabies lazing and grazing at your house! The most I can manage are some surly raccoons, some very industrious squirrels and rumors of a deer. Love your "new" house! Lynn

    1. Hi Helen, we are very lucky! We even have names for them and have to shoosh them out the way when we want to get the car up the drive sometimes, as they are so comfortable with us, they don't want to move. As well as the wallabies we have koalas, echidnas, possums, sugar gliders, snakes, parrots, tawny frogmouths, goannas, curlews and lots more - lots of interesting Australiana - but you know, I find the thought of your squirrels and raccoons really exotic - and oh,my a deer - they are beautiful creatures! Hope the deer's not elusive forever and shows itself to you.