Sunday, 22 April 2012


"The Old Temple at Sagano" - Teruhide Kato

 "Sagano" - Teruhide Kato

Signed prints of the above two works by Japanese artist 
hang on my bedroom wall 
(along with reproductions of 2 of Hokusai's 100 views of Mt Fuji).
Kato's images transport me to places I have
visited in and around Kyoto -
"The Old Temple at Sagano" reminds me of our
visit to the temple at Riyoanji
and the "Sagano" image conjures memories
of our night time visit to the Bamboo Forest
of Arashiyama during the light festival held
there each November.
Evocative images for me to fall asleep and awaken to.

I also have a Hiroshige print purchased on our
last trip to Gion which is awaiting framing.

Okabe - Hoeido (53 Stations on the Tokaido Road) -  Hiroshige

Can't wait until it's up on my wall as well!


  1. You're very lucky Robyn to have such beautiful prints on your walls. It's one thing I love about printmaking - it allows beautiful artworks to be available to so many more of us. Hopefully I'll have some like these one day too.

  2. These are very beautiful prints Robyn. It must be a joy to surround yourself with lovely memories.

  3. Beautiful prints Robyn, I particularly love the Hiroshige print.

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