Saturday, 10 December 2011

Toei Kyoto Studio Park & Koryu-ji Temple

Very cold in Kyoto today.
Very lucky today to be escorted to Toei Kyoto Studio Park and
Koryu-ji Temple by our Japanese friends Mr. Kazuhiko and the two Miss Harukas.
We had a lovely day being guided through these very interesting places.
Toei Studio Park is a Japanese tv/movie theme park with
lots of interactive Ninja/Samurai/Geisha theatre shows and characters.
Koryu-ji Temple has beautiful gardens and is a short walk from the theme park.
 The Treasure Hall here is home to a famous wooden statue of
"Miroku-Bosatsu"  dating from the Asuka Period (552-645),
which was the first designated national treasure of Japan.
There is supposed to be a total eclipse of the moon tonight
in Japan, although it is fairly cloudy so it might not be too visible.
Apparently in Australia tonight the moon will be visibly red.
Life is full of wonders!

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  1. Rob, these photos are beautiful and I wish I was back in Japan