Sunday, 13 November 2011

Take Four Exhibition

Herewith some pics of the "Take Four" exhibition, for those of you unable to come along.
We had a great opening night  (no room to move and plenty of red stickers). 
Also a steady stream of people through the gallery yesterday and today.  
Took these photo's this morning before the passing parade arrived.
Thanks to everyone who came along and had a look, 
so appreciated your taking the time to come along, 
and thanks to all who are visiting here in blogland, your support is appreciated too!
Muchos Gracios.

Below is a pic of some of Ellen's fabulous works.
  You can see more of her stuff here:

Wanted to show you these as the centre one is coming home to live with me,
I was very lucky to get it as at least three other people wanted it as well.
Lucky I had connections!


  1. Wow Rob, these photos are great and don't your books look classy? You were very quick off the mark....thought I would be first to publish. Expect to see you later, cheers and thanks for the kind words. Ellen

  2. gotta be quick to catch me Ellen (^v^)

  3. I'm even slower.Great little show with beautiful work. I've only seen half a dozen or so shows at Yurara, and this was by far the best! Congratulation! Auntie Jack

  4. Thanks Jack, am enjoying all this convivial back slapping immensely.(^o^)And may I reiterate, great to see you there (slap, slap).