Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Dodo in Progress

Have wanted to paint a dodo, so am satiating my whim.
Started painting on a larger format cover for this one and have been under the pump to get it looking like I have done anything substantial.  
Unfortunately, my lettering is looking somewhat amatuerish and my Dodo is looking suspiciously seagull like, so will have to do a bit of subtle manoeuvring to make him look more convincing. I think the placement of his eye as well as his overall colouring are the root of my problem.
Some things look so much better in one's mind's eye!
Was surprised to learn that dodos haven't been seen since 1662, I thought they had existed until much later than that.  
Was also surprised to learn how little actual remains and documentation of this unfortunate creature are in existence with some misinformed sites stating that dodos were in fact mythical creatures.   I suppose they are mythical nowadays.

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