Tuesday, 31 May 2011

More Altered Books

I have been embellishing my book sculptures with leaves and nails, representative of  natural and manufactured  environments. 
We live a long way out of town although it won't be long until we too are swallowed by suburbia and the wallabies that graze on our front lawn will be gone for ever.
Everyday as I drive through I see new housing developments springing up where wallabies, tawny frogmouths, echidnas, koalas, bandicoots and possums have lived.  All iconic Australian fauna, doomed to extinction because of man's insatiable desire for a quick buck. 
They are also carving up all the red soil farms for small lot housing estates.  Mind you the developers don't seem to be responsible for providing any infrastructure for these sardine tin estates they make so much money out of.
We used to get feather gliders visit our yard but we haven't seen any since small lot housing has been built at the back of our acreage estate.  The estate we live in has covenants to protect wildlife, things like no cats, only one dog - fenced at all times, only fencing and clearing building envelopes so wildlife has safe passage through properties and plenty of bush to live in, low speed zones etc. but the small lot housing estates have none of this and their feral animals will soon be dining out on all the lovely little creatures that have always thrived here long before our arrival.

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